“The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With…Data” by Fingerpaint

23 Oct

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil or gold, it’s data. The trick is knowing how to collect and refine it without getting your hands dirty. In this interactive talk we’ll look at Data Driven Marketing in the world of pharma, and how to leverage it to give your brand a competitive edge.

October 23, 2019 6:00 pm

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Colleen Carter



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Bryan O’Malley

Head of Interactive


Bryan oversees interactive strategy, development and execution at Fingerpaint, drawing on his 26 years of management experience, which includes 14 years at the helm of an award-winning development agency.

Technically speaking, Bryan is an expert software programmer and app developer who has significant experience with e-commerce, .NET and PHP CMS platforms. He is fluent in multiple programming languages and technology stacks across server, desktop and mobile platforms. Bryan is a proven leader versed in quality control, systems testing and program maintenance. His healthcare experience includes work in the pain management, respiratory, mental health and women's health categories, while his consumer background covers GE, IBM, Delta Airlines and Standard & Poor's. Simply put, Bryan knows his stuff and uses that knowledge to explore new digital frontiers.

At six-feet, six-inches tall, Bryan not only enjoys an elevated perspective, but he keeps elite company among the top one percent of the population for height. So, statistically speaking, you'll likely need to look up to talk to him.

Nick Bartolomeo

Digital Strategy, Media, and Analytics


Nick grew up on the Jersey Shore, but he doesn't have time for GTL. He's too busy mentally ranking pizza joints, if only for his own personal benefit. For inquiring minds, Nick takes his slices big and thin.

Nick is just as precise when it comes to providing digital strategy, ranging from an all-encompassing brand diagnostic to analysis on the success of specific campaigns. As a digital specialist, he has worked with large brand to develop measurement approaches that guide campaign investments for optimal performance. Nick has extensive pharma marketing experience, offering strategic planning and campaign development all the way through to postdeployment analysis across a variety of platforms including paid search, website, SEO, email, display media and custom programs.

When he isn't assessing the digital needs of agency clients, this self-professed New York sports junkie might be caught analyzing the on-base percentage of his favorite New York Mets infielder, or assessing Eli Manning's quarterback rating.

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